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The Only Women’s Leggings Guide You’ll Ever Need

Hi Ladies!

As you know, we love our active-wear, if it wasn’t for our trusty leggings, we’d struggle to find clothing to wear on the lower half of our bodies. They are the new go-to when training, working at home, or even running errands for that matter.

Women’s leggings are now everywhere and for a good reason. A few years ago, before leggings became so popular women looking for something attractive and functional had limited choices. It was generally either a plain black, thin cheap material or some sort of baggy shorts that were less than flattering.

But fast forward to Today and you’re literally spoiled with choices. Fitness-inspired leggings are designed to be worn during a workout and make you look awesome at the same time. Today's leggings are affordable, functional, practical, comfortable, and they can help you get more from your training. This is all based on the assumption that you find the right pair.

So, If you’re looking for the best choice in active-wear, here's the only women’s leggings buying guide you’ll ever need.

Which leggings to buy?


Before leggings became so popular in the fitness community, there wasn’t much variety in terms of legging options. Generally, it was plain black thin material or nothing at all. Nowadays there are all manner of different buying options for women to choose from. There are leggings you can wear specifically for running, leggings for lifting weights, high waisted leggings, and leggings which simply look fantastic as they come in a number of weird and wonderful colors, patterns, styles and designs. In terms of which leggings you should purchase, there are a few things to consider. Obviously, performance and function should be important, but you also want to look and feel great as you exercise.


Best Leggings

How to choose the right leggings


Now we’re going to look at a few things you should consider when buying a pair of leggings for training purposes:


Uses – First off, you need to know what the leggings are going to be used for. Will you be wearing them for running, or do you prefer to lift weights and take part in CrossFit workouts? The reason we ask is that different leggings are designed for different sports and training disciplines.


Design – Okay, we know that the gym isn’t a fashion show, but we all want to look and feel great in our own skin. Besides which, when we look great we feel great and our motivation increases as a result. This is why choosing leggings that you find appealing is so important. As mentioned, leggings come in some stunning patterns and designs, so find some that you know you’ll feel great in whilst wearing.


Quality – This is very important for training purposes because the better the quality of the leggings, the more productive your workouts will be. When buying leggings, look for items made from quality materials. The last thing you want is for them to split when you’re in the middle of a squat, so always choose the best quality you can find.


Comfort – When working out, you need to feel comfortable. If you don’t, your workouts will suffer and you won’t enjoy your training. Ideally, try the leggings on before buying and see how they feel. Are they supportive enough to hold everything in place? Do they allow you to move freely, and will they help you to regulate your temperature? Leggings with sweat wicking capabilities get an honorable mention here because the last thing you want while working out is to find them getting heavier and wetter as they absorb your perspiration